Information about 5192340074


Crediton, ON


Utilite :Landline

date: 02/04/94

Country :ca

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The WGS83 latitude coordinate for the center point of the city.

The WGS83 longitude coordinate for the center point of the city.


The total population living within the city limits, using the latest US census 2014 population estimates.

Zip code

All ZIP codes in active use within the city limits.

Land area (m2)

The area of land covered by the city in sq. meters.

Median income ($)

The average (median) household income for the record using the latest 5 year estimates from the American Community Survey.

Water area (m2)

The area of water covered by the city in sq. meters.

Area code

The telephone area code for the city. If a city spans multiple area codes, the area code at the center of the city is used.

Time zone

The IANA time zone for the city.

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